DIY Braid Necklace


Looking around in Asos for a new statement necklace I bumped into this Just Access Braid Necklace and I thought I could make something similar for a lot less money. Inspired by it I went to my favorite craft shops, picked up some stuff and VOILÀ!

braidnecklace 009

You’ll need:

  • 4 m jersey yarn (better if it’s not the elastic one)

  • 0’6 m silver chain, I used an aluminum one 6,5 mm x 4 mm

  • 1 Silver clasp

  • 1 silver extension chain

  • 2 little rings

Jerseynecklace (6)

Start by cutting the jersey yard in 2 two-meter pieces, fold them till you have 4 one-meter pieces and tie them together in a knot. Look at picture 4, the end at the knot should look like that. Because the strands are so long, tying them into bundles using rubber bands makes them easier to manage. Now it’s time you take time looking at pictures 1,2 and 3 to see how the box braid it’s made 😀 (Click images to enlarge)

Jerseynecklace (23)Jerseynecklace (24)

Jerseynecklace (25)Jerseynecklace (27)

Repeat the box braid until desired length, mine it’s 27cm or 30 box braids. Once you’ve finished, both ends should look the same, so you would have to sew 2 bows and then cover them with sewing yarn like you see in picture 4. Make 2 pieces of 30cm from the silver chain, cross the bow in one of the ends and put the 2 ends together. Do the same with the other end. With the chains in place you just have to put the clasp in one end of the chain and in the other the extension chain with help from the little rings, and you are done 😉

Not that difficult, is it?

Read you soon!


braidnecklace 017

(top image via Asos, rest of images by Dressink)


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