Veggie Purée

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I’m not feeling very well these days I think I cought a cold (I’ve got my boyfriend to thank for that ;)), so all I can think about when I go into the kitchen is, I need something warm!

I’ve learned this recipe from my mum, she did it a lot when I was little and I just can say, I LOVE IT. So easy to make and so delicious, you would not believe there are just vegetables inside.

Ingredients for 4 portions

  • 2 medium onions
  • 400 gr potatoes
  • 2 big tomatoes
  • 5 carrots
  • olive oil and salt


Peel the potatoes and the carrots and dice into similar pieces. Dice also the tomatoes and the onions into similar pieces a little bit bigger than the ones from potatoes and carrot, you don’t need to peel the tomatoes.

Once done with the peeling and dicing, heat some oil in a pot, about 3/4 Ts should be enough, throw in the tomatoes and the onion and fry lightly about 2 minutes, remember we want to cook the vegetables not fry them, it’s just for the taste 😉 Then add the potatoes and the carrots and mix them with the rest so they get also a little bit oil around. Add salt.

Now you just need to add some water, just to cover the veggies, let it boil, turn the heat down to medium temperature and cover.

In less than 20 minutes take a look and check if the potatoes are done. If done, you’ll just need to puree the vegetables with a hand blender and that would be it.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I realized today I should do it more often!

Read you soon!


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