DIY Bead & Chain Necklace


I did it again, looking around in asos found this beautiful necklace that was screaming DIY and couldn’t help it! I’m really into chains, and with these beads you can play a lot with the colours and try lots of combinations.

You’ll need:

  • 15 faceted glas beads 6×4
  • 15 faceted glas beads 8×6
  • 15 faceted glas drop breads 10×15
  • 50 cm silver chain 14×10
  • 15 silver chain links from a 6,5×4 chain
  • 29 silver chain links from a 3,4×5 chain
  • 15 headpins +-30mm
  • 1 silver extension chain +-70mm
  • 1 silver clasp
  • 2 little rings

badbodyday 065

Start by looking for the middle link on all the chains, we would start in the middle and continue to the sides to centre the necklace. Place a headpin across the bead A, then chain 1, bead B, chain 2, bead C and close the headpin in a ring, not completely closed. Repeat till you have the 15 groups of beads ready. When done, take chain 3 and place it at the end of each headpin, leaving one link empty between ends. (Click images to enlarge)

badbodyday 079_2 Kopiebadbodyday 070_2 Kopiebadbodyday 069_2 Kopiebadbodyday 072_2 Kopie

badbodyday 089_2 Kopie

With all chains tied up you’ll just need to place the clasp at one end of chain 2 and the extension chain at the other end, and you’ll be done.

I’ve done already 2, wich one do you like most?

beadandchain 005beadandchain 008


Read you soon!


(top image via Asos, rest of images by Dressink)


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