DIY Paper Wreath

paperwreath 032_2

I always liked wreaths, always wanted to buy one but I didn’t find THE one, most of them were “too much” for my taste or too expensive. I saw something similar in pinterest and I thought that with the right paper and colour tones could be something for me. It’s very easy to make, but it takes time… about 3 “Homeland” episodes 😉

You’ll need:

paperwreath 008_2

I followed this tutorial I found in Pinterest. It took longer for me though but it was worth the time! In the pictures below you’ll find my step by step (Click images to enlarge)

paperwreath 012paperwreath 013paperwreath 013paperwreath 020paperwreath 022paperwreath 026

And… Ready!

paperwreath 031

Now that Christmas is coming maybe making it with more Christmas-like colours?

Hope you liked it!

Read you soon!


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paperwreath 033paperwreath 028


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