DIY Studded Leather Clutch

Studdedclutch 051 Kopie

I love Clutches, I really never have enough, one day I’ll show you and you’ll see how I’m not lying ;). Being totally in love with clutches in combination with my addiction to everything that has studs, makes this clutch just perfect. The joy of doing something on your own and seeing how slowly takes form and looks even better than you imagined is priceless!

So let your imagination free and try to make one of your own, self-made and unique!

You’ll need:

Studdedclutch 007 Kopie

Here is how I did mine. Follow the steps from 1 to 10 and see the final result 😀 (Click images to enlarge)

Studdedclutch 001 KopieStuddedclutch 002 KopieStuddedclutch 003 KopieStuddedclutch 004 KopieStuddedclutch 006 KopieStuddedclutch 037 KopieStuddedclutch 033 KopieStuddedclutch 038 KopieStuddedclutch 039 KopieStuddedclutch 040 Kopie

Tadaaaaa! 😛

Studdedclutch 041

Studdedclutch 047

There are lots of DIY’s coming before Christmas, if you want to be the first to have a look at them follow us in: Instagram, Facebook , Pinterest or Tumbrl…we are everywhere! 😉

Read you soon!


Studdedclutch 046


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