DIY: Christmas Cards


Since living in Germany I started a new tradition, sending Christmas Cards. I never did it before, and actually thought that was a little bit stupid. Now it has become a thing that I really enjoy, even when I just buy them in a shop and send them.

This year I went a little bit overboard and made them myself. It was quite a bit work, and in the end I invested more time than what I first thought, but well they are already arriving to their destinations and making my very much loved ones smile.

Next year I’m definitely doing some again!

You’ll need:

targetesdenadal 080

stationery sets | scissors | glue | pencil | rubber | ruler | cutter | washi tape | small brush | paint (green, pink & silver) | sponge brush | transparent paper | hole reinforcement labels | dymo label maker

1 – Fröliche Weihnachten: Merry Christmas Card

targetesdenadal 021targetesdenadal 028

targetesdenadal 068

2 – Snow Flakes Card

targetesdenadal 034targetesdenadal 038

targetesdenadal 073

3 – Fir Tree Card

targetesdenadal 046

targetesdenadal 054

4 – Wrapped Like a Present Card

targetesdenadal 066

5 Christmas Tree Card

targetesdenadal 017

targetesdenadal 071

What do you think about my designs?

Ready for doing some of your own? Any questions? Write a comment below!

Read you soon!



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