Honey & Beer Marinated Chicken


There is no big story behind this recipe. I saw a picture in Pinterest, and I had to try it. Since I love beer, it just couldn’t be bad, and it turns out, it wasn’t. Another dish to bring to my weekly Girls Night and enjoy while watching Germany’s Next Top Model.

I followed this recipe from The Beeroness. I had to do some changes because I couldn’t find stout beer at my supermarket so I used brown ale and some sesame seeds and chives for garnish. I’m sure It would have been lot better with the right kind of beer, this woman knows her stuff, but well, improvising it’s kinda my thing 😉

IMG_0522_3 IMG_0525_3 IMG_0527_3

Read you soon!



11 thoughts on “Honey & Beer Marinated Chicken

  1. I just wrote an article on how to do food photography and then searched trough WordPress and I have to say “really yummy!”. It’s not only a good recipe but some really delicious photos : )

    • Thanks! I really don’t have much of a clue of what I’m doing, since I just got a good camera in september, but I think i’m geting better. I’ll love to take a look at your article, I’m sure I can learn something 😀

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