DIY Polka Dot Coffee Cups


Bored of your plain white coffee cups/mugs? I have a solution for you!

Next you’ll be drinking your coffee in the morning in a self designed cup or making your loved ones happy with your great and unique coffee set gift 😀


First think of a design for your cup, I used polka dots in gold, but there are many things you can draw and colours you can use.

I bought a special sharpie water-based for porcelain, glass, metal and glazed ceramic objects. It was arround the 4€ and it’s totally worth because the finish is perfect.

Make sure your cups are clean and dry before you start. Draw your design and when done wait 4 hours till it’s completely dry. Heat fix in a non-preheated oven for 90 min at 160 ºC. Let it cool in the oven. This way you’ll make your design dishwasher safe 😀

*I don’t recommend painting on the surface you’ll eat or drink.



Read you soon!




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