Easter Time!


(Bird's Nest Cupcakes I did for Sunday's Easter Breakfast)

I don’t really know what’s been happening to me the last months but I have the feeling I’ve been ill the whole time, back problems, horrible headaches (that no one knows where they come from), cold after cold with a pretty strong sore throat, dizziness… I feel like my body has been playing against me all this time. I’ve just decided, I had enough, and that I’m going to fight it. Positive energy and good vibes it’s going to be my medicine and I hope that does the trick. A change of attitude could be the answer to all my problems.

I’m going to tell you a little about my easter days, there is not much to tell since I stayed home, in Aachen but well it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be.


(cows near the ice cream shop in Camerig, Holland picture via Wingbergerhoeve )


(Ice cream shop in Camerig, Holland picture via Fleuropean)

Friday, my boyfriend and I picked up a friend that was also staying in Aachen for the holidays. We thought it would be nice just to get out-of-town for a little. Aachen is a German city that borders with Belgium and Holland, so it’s quite easy for us to go in another country to have some ice cream and enjoy the landscape. And that’s what we did. We drove to Holland to have an amazing homemade ice cream and then we came back to Aachen through Belgium. Next time I’ll take more pictures, sadly I couldn’t find any of the gigantic and delicious ice cream.


(Mones de Pascua, typical pastry for easter at my home town Xixona)

Saturday, started up with a breakfast/brunch at home again with Yara and my boyfriend Philipp. Afterwards we did some wool, flower soil and baking ingredients shopping and after that is where my own trip to hell started. Yara went home to do some laundry, Philipp went to his garage to “play” a little repairing his motorcycle and I stayed home baking. First I prepared the dough for the “Mones” (see Image above) and since it needs to rest 3 hours I started then preparing the cupcakes. I had the cakes for the cupcakes ready and the headache started. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t sleep, I just wanted to pull my eyes out so that the pressure stopped. Any medicine, warm/cold cloth was working. After 2-3 hours of suffering Philipp came and drove me to the Hospital. They couldn’t find anything but at least I got something for the pain that worked.


(Flower bouquet that Philipp Sister brought for Sunday's Easter Breakfast, beautiful isn't it?. You can find them here)


(Leftovers from Sunday's Easter Breakfast at Philipp's Mum) 

Sunday, after a hard night I was feeling lot better so I began my day by finishing what I started the day before. Formed the “mones” and baked them, made some chocolate mousse and decorated my bird’s nest Cupcakes with white chocolate and Milka Eggs. By the time I finished Philipp was awake so we hurried up and drove to his mum’s. His family was waiting there.

It was a very nice day, the weather was incredible and the company better. We ate, talked, ate a little bit more and watched how the new-born of the family slept (she usually doesn’t sleep that much ;)) Went for a walk and ate some more for a change xD


(New family member Mara, she's the cutest girl ever :D)


(Coffee and Cakes time!)


(Canola fields on our way home back to Aachen)

It was time to go home again, but this time we didn’t drive through the Autobahn, so that I could enjoy the landscape…

Hope you all had a very happy easter! I did!

Read you soon!



9 thoughts on “Easter Time!

  1. nena…. espero que estés mejor…(conste que, pese a la preocupación por tu salud, lo de “my body plays against me” me ha hecho sonreir. un montón)
    de la comida ya ni hablo, estoy salivando cosa mala…
    besos gordos y -o eso intentan- curativos

    • hehe, sí estoy mejor, o mejor dicho me lo estoy tomando con mas filisofía 😉
      Está mal dicho lo de “my body plays against me”? hehe, es literalmente lo que me pasa…igual demasiado literal…ainsss me vas a tener que corregir los posts! al setica ya lo tengo aburrio!
      Besos gordos pa ti tb! los tuyos ya van haciendo efecto 😀

      • qu’e va!! está estupendamente dicho… pero es que me suena a mí misma por las mañanas post fiesta madrugando porque my body plays against me!

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