Zucchini Tortilla


So… the summer is coming and with it, the pressure of losing some pounds. I’ve been thinking of some recipes that are low in carbs but also appealing, so I don’t have that urge of cheating and eat a bag of chips. When I’m trying to eat better, what helps me is making a weekly plan of what I want to eat and buying everything at once, so I always have something there to eat. Going every second day to the supermarket is just too much temptation for me.

My parents have a vegetable garden at home so I’ve grown up eating lots of vegetables, though just those in season. So when the summer comes I know is zucchini time! That means I’ll end up eating zucchini in every form and stage of growth, nearly every day. Tortilla is one of them, and also my favorite, toping even cheese filled zucchini flowers in tempura, and those are not easy to top 😉


Ingredients for a 23cm skillet

  • 3 medium zucchini, sliced
  • 1 medium onion, sliced
  • 5 eggs
  • oil, salt and pepper


Heat some of the olive oil in the skillet. Add half of the sliced zucchini and onions mix and cook this over medium heat, stirring the mixture every once in a while until the zucchini are tender but not browned. It’s best to do it in two batches so it doesn’t take ages for the zucchini to lose water.

When done, drain the mixture and reserve the oil. This oil can be used later for cooking something else. Let the mixture cool down a little bit. Meanwhile beat the eggs in a bowl (traditionally with a fork), add the mixture to the beaten eggs and season with salt and pepper.

Clean the skillet you used for cooking the zucchini with a paper cloth, leaving the surface of the skillet with a thin oil layer, that should be enough. Heat the skillet to a medium high temperature and add the mixture. With a spatula mix a little bit not letting the mixture stick at the bottom for 1 minute and then let cook evenly. Cover the skillet with a plate (it has to be slightly larger than the skillet) and flip it around, immediately put it back in the skillet now letting the other side brown. With the spatula put the sides together so you get a nicely round tortilla at the end. Flip the tortilla 2 or 3 more times, cooking briefly on each side.

Transfer to a clean plate and serve. It can also be eaten cold or at room temperature.


Which are your tricks for eating healthier?

Read you soon!




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