That feeling you get in your stomach…


It happened, again. After 1’5 years together he realized I’m not as good as I may seem.I was beautiful, full of life, funny and too good to be true. Now, I am just annoying. He doesn’t love me anymore. I’m broken and empty, but I’m strong, that’s what everyone else says anyway. It will pass, they say, but, will it? I can learn how to live without him, I can learn not to miss him and maybe I can forget the way he looked at me on our first date, or maybe not. Each relationship I had, took a piece of my heart and right now I don’t know if I have one anymore. I’m empty, and It hurts.


The only thing I have left is a box full of memories. Our first movie night… our first road trip… each breakfast love note he gave me and a dragon ball flying cloud, maybe I should use this one to fly away and disappear, at least till it doesn’t hurt anymore.

“Dear Life,

Please, give me a break…



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