DIY Cork Board


For some time now I’ve been looking for a board to hang over my desk, with no luck. This wall is a little bit tricky, since it isn’t straight and I couldn’t just put any cork board on the market. I’m a big fan of Ikea Hackers website, and when I went to Ikea with Anna, to help her with some shopping and I saw these pot stands, I remembered a post where someone used them as wall decoration covering them with colourful fabrics. There it was, the perfect solution to my problem! Easy, cheap, and it also fits in my room’s decoration pretty well if you ask me 😉

So, let’s get going…


I already said that it was easy, there’s just one instruction for doing this diy. Glue the Powerstrips in the centre of the pot stand and place them on the wall where you think it looks the best 😀 That’s it!


You can buy the pot stands in packs of 3 but I’m a fan of uneven, when it comes to decoration,so I used 7 of them. I immediately decorated mine with some photos, postcards and to do lists, how do you like the result?


Read you soon!




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