Rhubarb Schnaps


Last year a friend of mine brought some home-made rhubarb schnaps to a party, since then I have been thinking about it all the time. It wasn’t easy to find, but I found it at the end, one of the three ingredients and most important, rhubarb juice. Of course I could do it myself, but that would take longer, and like this I know it will always taste the same, and that I see as an advantage. Also rhubarb season starts in April, and I’m not willing to wait until then. If you’d like to prepare your own rhubarb juice, you can follow this recipe. I’m going to prepare a load of it for carnival 😀

Let’s get to it!

Ingredients for 1 l 

  • 0,7 l rhubarb juice
  • 0,3 l korn or vodka
  • 3 packets or 30 gr vanilla sugar
  • 1 l empty glass bottle


Warm up the juice and dissolve the sugar inside. Once it dissolved, let it cool down a little, you don’t want the alcohol to evaporate or the glass to break in pieces. Mix everything together and let it infuse for at least 12 hours before you drink it.

This drink must be served freezing cold and in a shot glass!


Read you soon!




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