Birthday Preparations #2 – The Decorations


This year I kept it simple, since I didn’t find a location for the party till the last second I didn’t knew exactly how much the place would be needing decorations. So I just bought some stuff online:

  • Balloons in 3 different colours, white, pink and blue. I tried to keep the colours similar to the ones on the invitation and of course my outfit.
  • Table covers, one in silver, other colours that were available not so much my taste and a black and white squared one, like the canvas on the invitation.
  • A Jukebox, what would be a 50’s party without one of those?
  • I had some signs from an 80’s party I threw 2 years ago, those were also matching the 50’s theme 😀

I was trying to do this party as much low-budget as possible since this year I was already spending a lot for renting a place for doing it, so 2 days before the party I gathered some friends to help me do some DIY record garlands and a Dine-In sign. They ended up looking amazing and I took us like just 3 hours to do them between eating, cutting, gossiping, drawing and watching some Germany’s next top model.

My sister and his boyfriend were visiting me and they helped me put everything together. I was/am very happy with the result Helena’s Diner was definitely going to be a hit!


Panorama view of the decorations


A Photo Sphere I made with my phone when everything was in place


Random fotos of the decorations



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