Morning Beauty routine


I’m 30, yeah I know, hard to believe right? xD, and till I was 28 or so I never had a beauty routine. I’m kind of lazy in that sort of stuff and I guess I didn’t think I needed it. Now, it’s not like I feel I need it, but I guess is good that I take a little more care about it.

My morning routine is very simple and I don’t use any expensive soaps or creams. I usually wash my face with a special mild face soap from Balea while I shower, it made it easier for me since just introducing this step into, my normal showering routine. After showering, while my head towel turban is still on I apply my favourite till now BB Cream, Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector. Every other cream I tried leaves my face greasy or it looks more like make up than a BB cream. Sometimes if I haven’t been sleeping much, thing that happens a lot lately, I also apply highlighting concealer YSL Touche Éclat, under and on the side of my eyes, it brings some light to my skin and so don’t look so tired. After that, I apply blush, my favourite one is Lancôme’s Blush Subtil Shimmer Coral Kiss, and black mascara, I changed not long ago to L’oréal mega volume collagene.


As a resume:

  1. I wash my face with a mild Soap while I shower,
  2. then I apply a BB Cream
  3. If needed, I apply concealer under and on the sides of my eyes
  4. Blush and mascara


me after my morning beauty routine


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