Morning Beauty routine


I’m 30, yeah I know, hard to believe right? xD, and till I was 28 or so I never had a beauty routine. I’m kind of lazy in that sort of stuff and I guess I didn’t think I needed it. Now, it’s not like I feel I need it, but I guess is good that I take a little more care about it.

My morning routine is very simple and I don’t use any expensive soaps or creams. I usually wash my face with a special mild face soap from Balea while I shower, it made it easier for me since just introducing this step into, my normal showering routine. After showering, while my head towel turban is still on I apply my favourite till now BB Cream, Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector. Every other cream I tried leaves my face greasy or it looks more like make up than a BB cream. Sometimes if I haven’t been sleeping much, thing that happens a lot lately, I also apply highlighting concealer YSL Touche Éclat, under and on the side of my eyes, it brings some light to my skin and so don’t look so tired. After that, I apply blush, my favourite one is Lancôme’s Blush Subtil Shimmer Coral Kiss, and black mascara, I changed not long ago to L’oréal mega volume collagene.


As a resume:

  1. I wash my face with a mild Soap while I shower,
  2. then I apply a BB Cream
  3. If needed, I apply concealer under and on the sides of my eyes
  4. Blush and mascara


me after my morning beauty routine


Mat or Not?

beauty_nailsmattornot 031

I have a wedding next week and I’m trying to decide which shade of nail polish I should wear. Anna gave me once one that she didn’t like from one of those cosmetic surprise boxes, “Glossy Box”. She is more tan than me, and it was not working for her. Thanks to that I’m now the lucky owner of Essie’s Penny Talk, from the collection Mirror Metallics.

beauty_nailsmattornot 004

Now my question is: Should I use the Mat Top Coat or not? What do you think?

Without the Mat Top Coat

beauty_nailsmattornot 012

beauty_nailsmattornot 016

With the Mat Top Coat

beauty_nailsmattornot 021

beauty_nailsmattornot 017