Christmas Wishlist

christmas wish list

It has become a tradition for me to make this wishlist every year. It started as a fun idea to share what I was looking forward to get for christmas, and now it is a must, my parents are already asking… – Are you not making a list this year? And, yes I am, here you go:

  1. Kitchen Aid Artisan in White, it’s been my dream already for many years to have it. This year is not going to happen, since there’s no space for it in my kitchen (don’t want any trouble with my rommie), but it’s still my dream, that’s why it stays my number one in the wishlist.
  2. Google Chromecast to be able to connect my phone and other devices to the TV,  and more 😀
  3. Nexus 9 – Black, 32 GB, LTE my laptop is not going to last forever and I’ve been looking for a solution, maybe this could be it!
  4. There’s no Christmas without a new Pj’s .
  5. I have just the perfect shoes for this leopard clutch, so, destiny?
  6. Rebecca Minkoff Avery bag because I’m looking for a new everyday bag.
  7. Fancying a new nail polish, my favourite and perfect for this season, Chanel’s Rouge Noir. 
  8. Because it’s time to say goodbye to my beloved Asos Parka, going for this Zara one.
  9. Looking for a replacement for my long-lost winter beanie, this Carhartt one does the trick for sure!
  10. And last but not least… Grace Vagabond boots, my old ones are sadly falling into pieces…

(It got expensive tho :P)

Read you soon



Sale finds


Beanie: my boyfriend’s, I think it’s H&M | Coat, Jumper & Boots: Zara | Jeans: Levi’s | Bag: ASOS

Today I am going to show you the first part of my sale picks from Zara 🙂 I didn’t buy much this year, I think that time is over where I bought things, just because they were cheap and not because I needed them…
I own many coats so I didn’t really need this one, but hey, I love grey and fluffy, is this not reason enough? 🙂 and it’s also really warm! Jackpot!

The boots aren’t very easy to combine, so today I show you my lazy version – just with a pair of jeans.

Stay tuned for the second part! 🙂





Brighten up


Beanie & Scarf: my Boyfriend’s 🙂 | Coat & Jeans: Asos | Turtleneck: Mango (very old) | Shoes & Bag: Zara

It took me a little while but here I am again! 🙂

If you, just like me, love to wear neutrals, you surely know how easy it is, to start looking boring 🙂 the easiest way to avoid this is to wear bright accessories, just like this big warm scarf 🙂

The shoes I’m wearing in this post were love at the first sight, but it took me almost three months to get my hands on them, so I can only say: If you fall in love with something, if it goes with many things from your wardrobe and you can effort it – go for it!






Handmade Circus Aachen


This past weekend it took place the 2nd edition of Handmade Circus in Aachen, a design market for young designers. I wasn’t able to go last year so I was really looking forward to it. It surprised me how much people were there, but well on a Sunday and in the middle of the city I shouldn’t have been that surprised. I actually wanted to take some photos for the post, but it was nearly impossible since I’m kinda little and the place was crowded. 66 shops with accessories, mode, ceramics, stationery, illustration, baby and children mode, food, beer… everything self-made and far away from mainstream. I bought some beers and took the cards of the shops I liked the most.


Lara Bispinck, a graphic designer and illustrator from Aachen, I was already a fan of her work but she’s also such a nice person that I’m even a bigger fan now 😀 Her hand-drawn illustrations are amazing!


KULØR, handmade porcelain from Karlsruhe. If I had the money, I’d buy everything this girl does. The colours, the shapes… everything is just right! you can buy some of her creations online here and here!


Nice Nice Nice, the are not just talented and bright, they are also the creators of Handmade Circus, without them the whole market won’t be possible.


No Gallery, 3D words or quotes for every taste, you can choose your colour, the font and even the quote/word you want… I think I’m going to order “I kiss better than I cook” to hang on my kitchen wall 😀


UR Werk, another talented girl with very nice illustrations, you can find from postcards to buttons at her shop for a fair price.


And last but not least, von Freude, craft beer from Hamburg, the only thing I bought at the market. Haven’t tried them yet, but since I love beer I guess I’ll make a post about them soon 😀




 black lace bra: ASOS | red lace bra: ASOS

I don’t know if my recent breakup has something to do with this but I’m totally obsessed with sexy underwear these days. I’m not going to say that I didn’t wear it before, but well I guess love made me comfortable, made me, care less. I don’t like my body, so lets say it’s not easy for me to feel sexy in any kind of underwear. Clothes, yes! I know how to hide the things I don’t like, and how to highlight the few I’m proud of. Sexy underwear has a side effect on me, I feel more confident, not sexy, but confident. Believe me when I say, if I could explain it to you I would, but I don’t really know why.

In the last months I’ve been trying to find beautiful but not that expensive lace bras. Asos, as always, didn’t disappoint me and I found two wich I’m totally in love with.



2 4

XMas Wishlist

Unbenannt-1 Kopie

Christmas is just around the corner and I have so many wishes that I thought it would be better if I organize them in a Post. So, to my family and loved ones, and also anyone who’s feeling charitable enough here you’ll find for sure something that would make me smile 🙂

  1. Reflex Camera : Canon Eos 600D
  2. Sewing-Machine: Singer 2250 for beginners
  3. Zara Leather Biker Boots
  4. Zara Checked Shirt
  5. Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5 zip Bag
  6. Pleated Leather Skirt
  7. Stylish black retro style watch by Casio
  8. Tea Set: Geometric by ASA
  9. Nail Polish : Le Vernis Cosmic Chanel Limited Edition


Coat crush


Wenn wir schon beim Thema shoppen sind – ich habe mich so unendlich verliebt, dass ich den karierten Mantel bestellt habe. Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass ich von dem Karo-Trend so besessen werde, aber so ist es eben. Jetzt warte ich auf die Lieferung um dann entscheiden zu können: noch verliebter oder ganz entliebt 🙂

Wenn er bleibt, Fotos kommen bald!

Bis zum nächsten Mal,



While we’re on the subject of shopping I have such a crush on zara’s plaid coat, that I had to order it. I didn’t think that I was so hung up on the plaid-Trend but it seems to be that way. Now, I’m waiting for it to be delivered so that I can decide if i’m even more in love or I just fall out of love completely 🙂

If the coat stays, you’ll see some photos soon!

Till next time,



Mantel: Zara

Alle fotos via Zara  Lookbook November