Christmas Cards 2015. Freebies

Christmas card 2015


Once more, even though I’ve been pretty busy, I found the time to design, print, write and send my Christmas Cards. Some of them have already arrived to its destination. It’s a tradition that I would like to keep alive since there’s not much more mail that arrives home that’s personal and that puts a smile on your face, so that’s what I try to do once a year, put a smile on the faces of my friends and loved ones. So if you are one of them and you received yours, please take a picture and post it in Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #merryxmasdressink and of course tag me @dressink so I can see it!




This time I used this icons I found for free, I like simple patterns and I was looking for something in black and white, so they were just perfect. You can download this design for free here or click on the main image, if you also want to surprise your loved ones with a christmas card 😀

Do you have any christmas traditions? Let me know in your comments!

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Birthday Preparations #1 – The Invitation


So, my 30th Birthday is coming, and unlike most of the people, I don’t care I’m getting 30… I’m actually looking forward to it 😀 I love celebrating my bday, love to take care of every single detail to make this night perfect, for me and of course my beloved friends.

First and most difficult, choose a theme. It’s not like I have to, but I think it’s lot more fun when the party has a theme. Invitations, decorations, food and drinks, the costumes and music… everything hast to fit the theme. Two years ago I organized an 80’s party, and I’m proud to say that it was awesome, with the help from some of my friends and lots of hours of work the place looked amazing, but that just made it more difficult to top for me this year. After a lot of thinking I decided that this years theme will be… “The Fabulous 50’s”

Once I decided what to do, the first thing I had to take care of was, the invitation. Germans like to plan with a lot of time, I had to work fast to send the invitations on time, so that most of my friends can come. Photoshop time it is, in 3 hours everything was ready, and I think it ended up looking quite decent 😀

Keep posted for more insides on the party 😉 Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know!

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Handmade Circus Aachen


This past weekend it took place the 2nd edition of Handmade Circus in Aachen, a design market for young designers. I wasn’t able to go last year so I was really looking forward to it. It surprised me how much people were there, but well on a Sunday and in the middle of the city I shouldn’t have been that surprised. I actually wanted to take some photos for the post, but it was nearly impossible since I’m kinda little and the place was crowded. 66 shops with accessories, mode, ceramics, stationery, illustration, baby and children mode, food, beer… everything self-made and far away from mainstream. I bought some beers and took the cards of the shops I liked the most.


Lara Bispinck, a graphic designer and illustrator from Aachen, I was already a fan of her work but she’s also such a nice person that I’m even a bigger fan now 😀 Her hand-drawn illustrations are amazing!


KULØR, handmade porcelain from Karlsruhe. If I had the money, I’d buy everything this girl does. The colours, the shapes… everything is just right! you can buy some of her creations online here and here!


Nice Nice Nice, the are not just talented and bright, they are also the creators of Handmade Circus, without them the whole market won’t be possible.


No Gallery, 3D words or quotes for every taste, you can choose your colour, the font and even the quote/word you want… I think I’m going to order “I kiss better than I cook” to hang on my kitchen wall 😀


UR Werk, another talented girl with very nice illustrations, you can find from postcards to buttons at her shop for a fair price.


And last but not least, von Freude, craft beer from Hamburg, the only thing I bought at the market. Haven’t tried them yet, but since I love beer I guess I’ll make a post about them soon 😀


Christmas Cards 2014. Freebies


This year between work and cooking school I’m so busy, that I didn’t have the time to keep up with the tradition I started last year, of doing my own christmas cards. Instead, I made 2 designs that you can download for free. Click on the images to download.


I plan on printing them tomorrow and start sending them before it’s too late :S Maybe you’ll get one too, who knows 😛


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DIY Cork Board


For some time now I’ve been looking for a board to hang over my desk, with no luck. This wall is a little bit tricky, since it isn’t straight and I couldn’t just put any cork board on the market. I’m a big fan of Ikea Hackers website, and when I went to Ikea with Anna, to help her with some shopping and I saw these pot stands, I remembered a post where someone used them as wall decoration covering them with colourful fabrics. There it was, the perfect solution to my problem! Easy, cheap, and it also fits in my room’s decoration pretty well if you ask me 😉

So, let’s get going…


I already said that it was easy, there’s just one instruction for doing this diy. Glue the Powerstrips in the centre of the pot stand and place them on the wall where you think it looks the best 😀 That’s it!


You can buy the pot stands in packs of 3 but I’m a fan of uneven, when it comes to decoration,so I used 7 of them. I immediately decorated mine with some photos, postcards and to do lists, how do you like the result?


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DIY Polka Dot Coffee Cups


Bored of your plain white coffee cups/mugs? I have a solution for you!

Next you’ll be drinking your coffee in the morning in a self designed cup or making your loved ones happy with your great and unique coffee set gift 😀


First think of a design for your cup, I used polka dots in gold, but there are many things you can draw and colours you can use.

I bought a special sharpie water-based for porcelain, glass, metal and glazed ceramic objects. It was arround the 4€ and it’s totally worth because the finish is perfect.

Make sure your cups are clean and dry before you start. Draw your design and when done wait 4 hours till it’s completely dry. Heat fix in a non-preheated oven for 90 min at 160 ºC. Let it cool in the oven. This way you’ll make your design dishwasher safe 😀

*I don’t recommend painting on the surface you’ll eat or drink.



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DIY Raindrop Pillow


I’m back to work, and it was time that I did some diy post. This one is a different one, no more fashion accessories for now.

I got a sewing machine for christmas and I was thinking all the time what could I do with it, since I’m learning and I’m still not able to do some Haute Couture. My Sis told me about this tutorial so I had to do it. My version it’s a little bit different since I didn’t sew legs to it, but pretty much it is the same. Took me some time to find fabrics that I liked but well, I think I’ve chosen quite well didn’t I?

These two are going to someone very special that hasn’t been born yet (just a few days/hours to go), and I hope she likes them 😀


You’ll need

  • a newspaper
  • a pencil
  • pin needles
  • 2 pieces (approx. 50 x 50 cm) of fabric : I used a blue velvet one, and a two-tone polka dot blue
  • scissors
  • needle and white thread
  • sewing machine (optional)
  • polyester batting (150 gr will be enough)
  • embroidery needle
  • black embroidery floss
  • coral embroidery floss


Draw a raindrop on the newspaper paper. Pin the template to the velvet fabric and cut the raindrop shape out of the fabric leaving approx. 1cm seam allowance. Cut also the raindrop shape out of the polka dot fabric.


Put the two right sides pieces together and sew, leaving an opening at the bottom for the stuffing. Turn right side in and stuff the pillow with batting. Hand stitch it closed. Sew on the eyes and mouth and you’re finished!


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