Christmas Wishlist

christmas wish list

It has become a tradition for me to make this wishlist every year. It started as a fun idea to share what I was looking forward to get for christmas, and now it is a must, my parents are already asking… – Are you not making a list this year? And, yes I am, here you go:

  1. Kitchen Aid Artisan in White, it’s been my dream already for many years to have it. This year is not going to happen, since there’s no space for it in my kitchen (don’t want any trouble with my rommie), but it’s still my dream, that’s why it stays my number one in the wishlist.
  2. Google Chromecast to be able to connect my phone and other devices to the TV,  and more 😀
  3. Nexus 9 – Black, 32 GB, LTE my laptop is not going to last forever and I’ve been looking for a solution, maybe this could be it!
  4. There’s no Christmas without a new Pj’s .
  5. I have just the perfect shoes for this leopard clutch, so, destiny?
  6. Rebecca Minkoff Avery bag because I’m looking for a new everyday bag.
  7. Fancying a new nail polish, my favourite and perfect for this season, Chanel’s Rouge Noir. 
  8. Because it’s time to say goodbye to my beloved Asos Parka, going for this Zara one.
  9. Looking for a replacement for my long-lost winter beanie, this Carhartt one does the trick for sure!
  10. And last but not least… Grace Vagabond boots, my old ones are sadly falling into pieces…

(It got expensive tho :P)

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XMas Wishlist

Unbenannt-1 Kopie

Christmas is just around the corner and I have so many wishes that I thought it would be better if I organize them in a Post. So, to my family and loved ones, and also anyone who’s feeling charitable enough here you’ll find for sure something that would make me smile 🙂

  1. Reflex Camera : Canon Eos 600D
  2. Sewing-Machine: Singer 2250 for beginners
  3. Zara Leather Biker Boots
  4. Zara Checked Shirt
  5. Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5 zip Bag
  6. Pleated Leather Skirt
  7. Stylish black retro style watch by Casio
  8. Tea Set: Geometric by ASA
  9. Nail Polish : Le Vernis Cosmic Chanel Limited Edition